Louise at work


Simple, Stylish, Japanese Beauty.

The Brand

Mizu-usagi takes tradition from the East and West to create elegant, sustainable, fashion pieces. Japanese kimono and obi are blended with British textiles, such as tweed and lace, to form our tote bags, scarves and purses. We’re always exploring new design ideas to ensure each product stays unique and beautiful.

Louise Frère-Smith


Louise was born in Norwich to a Seamstress and a Sculptor and is the youngest girl of 12 siblings. She lived in London for 20 years and Japan for 15 before returning to the UK June 2018. Mizu-Usagi was created out of her deep rooted appreciation for Japanese culture and love for sewing and crafts, having always created her own clothes and furnishings. Louise hopes to preserve kimono and obi, a fading part of Japan’s history, by upcycling the fabric and designs into fresh, wearable, tote bags and accessories.

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