• Picture of red Japanese Tori

    Japanese New Years Traditions

    The Japanese New Year celebrations are called “shogatsu” and New Years  Day is called “gantan” .  In Japan the New Year is considered the most important holiday of the year.  Therefore the 1st is a National Holiday,  like in western countries the Japanese say Happy New whenever they see each other for the first time after …

  • Model standing with a handmade laptop sleeve made from Japanese denim and green and orange obi

    Mizu-usagi bespoke bags are the best!

      Bespoke Bags Mizu-usagi started its life making special one off bespoke pieces for friends and family. The idea is that the person can choose the bag design, the fabric, the colour, the Japanese Obi and the handles. The concept is so that the user ends up with their perfect bag! I love making bespoke …

  • Blue denim Tote with an upcycled vintage obi feature

    A snapshot of our first week in the world of e-commerce!

    Well our first week online has already passed and I can say with no major hiccups.  I am so happy to be writing this and cannot believe it……. actually.  Here is a snapshot of the past week in the world of e-commerce. A BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who came and checked us out! I was …

  • Lets start at the beginning!

    Our products are created from upcycled Japanese Obi, Kimono and Obijime mixed with Japanese denim (which is the best in the world) canvas, cotton and silk to give them a modern twist. The concept is to upcycle a traditional Japanese garment and its accessories which sadly in daily Japanese life is fading away.  We use …

  • Models with Obi Tote bags in Ginza

    An introduction to our collection

    Welcome to mizu-usagi All of our bags in this collection are made from upcycled vintage Japanese obi.  Some of the bags are blended with cotton, canvas and Japanese denim (which is the best in the world). Simple, stylish, sustainable, beauty is our goal!   The mini Tote The Mini is created from a light upcycled …

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